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Recovery Institute is more than a drug treatment center, as it is licensed to facilitate healing for psychiatric issues as well as many types of addiction.  Recovery Institute excels in treating coexisting disorders, and utilizes the combination of both traditional and innovative therapies in order to engage patients experientially. Only after healing progresses beyond the symptomatic to address the underlying issues of the person does real recovery begin.  

Recovery Institute provides integrated treatment to identify and resolve underlying issues. This supportive path has led to recovery for people who have suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, sexual compulsivity, or other mental and behavioral disorders.

Specializing in the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis, our ultimate goal is the provision of effective quality treatment achieving long-term positive outcomes and recovery. Towards this end we offer a full continuum of care, inclusive of: Detox Services, Residential Treatment Services, Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) Services, Intensive Outpatient Services, Personal therapy; dual-diagnosis groups; relapse prevention focus; life-skills development; discharge planning/aftercare/monitoring.

Recovery Institute of South Florida was designed to augment traditional recovery facilities in addiction and recovery treatment.  RISF utilizes cognitive and reality-based therapies and embraces a holistic approach to recovery. RISF emphasizes a balance to recovery; focusing on the mind, body and spirit. We provide the complete continuum of treatment encompassing detoxification, residential, and extended care.